The Tiled Backsplash

The Tiled Backsplash

You’re thinking about tile for your backsplash.
Here are several types you MUST check out!

One element of a kitchen that can establish a commanding look is that of the backsplash. Depending on the style chosen, you can have an inconspicuous backsplash or a bold one that screams, “look at me!”

The backsplash concept has developed wildly over the last few years, and there’s an abundance of ideas for what’s to be done with it. Even so, it’s the classic standard that remains the most popular – tile. Why does tile remain so favored? It’s certainly flexible style-wise, and its budget and application methods also offer plenty of room to work with.

When looking at the total kitchen picture, the amount of space the backsplash covers is a factor to be considered when choosing tiles. What works best aesthetically? Does your backsplash area reach to the ceiling? Or does it stop at the bottom of the cabinets? Or rather, does it fall in-between? Here’s a look at the best tiles to use in any of the aforementioned scenarios:

For those that want to go all out and have their own implied personal stamp imprinted onto the wall, custom mosaic tile is the way to go. You can have an intricate pattern that connects to create a beautiful design, the content of which is your choice. You can purchase pre-fabricated images from a tile manufacturer, or you can hire an artist to create and install whatever your imagination can conjure. Ideally, once combined the tiles may tell a story through one large image of art.


As the custom mosaics demonstrate, tiles aren’t necessarily limited to squares. Specialty shaped tile is quite popular for people who want to separate themselves from the norm. In fact there is a variety of manufacturers that take pride in the number of unique shapes and colors they offer. An easy search should prove to open a world of specialty tiles you may not even have imagined existed.

Of course, everyone loves subway tile. It has that cool urban look and feel that is in fact what is typically used in city subways. Does your backsplash extend to the ceiling? This tile looks great with that little extra room to breathe. It’s a classic that is both modern and appealing – a real treat for the eye!



Want to add a great sense of texture to the kitchen? None can compete with herringbone tile in this arena. The unique pattern crisscrosses and overlaps like-sized rectangles that feature various designs to form an outstanding and fresh design aesthetic. Of added convenience, the herringbone pattern may typically be purchased on a mesh lining. It’s a 12 by 12 inch square with backing material on the underside that holds the pieces together. This makes installation easier than laying out the tiles individually!For a cool vintage look (ala 1960’s or 70’s) large pattern tile is a hip choice. Big and bold is in vogue again, and a lot of companies are beginning to accommodate the trend by producing oversize patterns. These patterns can be customized to repeat, much like wallpaper. You’ll be more inclined to work with your wall space more carefully with large pattern tile, as you’ll likely want everything to appear even in relation to the tile squares. It definitely inspires some design discipline

For classy and cool, diagonal tile is ideal. Same as regular tile, but tilted for an entirely different look. This type of layout requires more tiles than one would typically need for a standard installation, and can be more laborious as many more physical cuts are required – a fact that may result in a higher price point.

For the fans of elaborate design, laser cut tiles are intricately cut to produce unique pieces that come together – like a puzzle. They are typically made of higher end materials such as quartz or marble or hand crafted gold or silver-backed glass. Often, you’ll find such an upgrade reflected in the cost, as well.

For a cool, futuristic rave vibe, tiled mirrors are all the rage. It gives an incredible sense of texture to any backsplash setting, and is perfect for any kitchen area that needs a special touch to help it stand out. It can be seen as flashy and cool or vintage and disco – either way it’s impressive!

Which tile will you choose? Sure, you can’t go wrong with white ceramic squares, but that’s passé, isn’t it? Breathe some new life into your kitchen with one of these fun and unique choices!

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