Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

You may think of your bathroom vanity cabinets as an easier choice to make than your kitchen cabinets, (and you might be correct) but there are a lot of factors that you should consider before rushing into that purchase.

RTA Bathroom Vanities

We manufacture Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) Bathroom cabinets in traditional American style or European style at discount prices. (Just like our kitchen cabinets) Many people want to have the same or similar style cabinets all throughout their house. So the style of your bathroom may depend on your existing kitchen style (Or vise versa). However, many people would want a distinctly different style to foster a different feel throughout their home. For example, you may have a warm and inviting kitchen with mahogany shaker cabinets that you love, but you want all your bathrooms to have vanities with a very modern and clean look. It just depends on what style you want for your bathroom.

Probably the most important factor will be the size of your bathroom vanity. One thing to consider is the space you have to work with. Here in Los Angeles, we don’t have the same space constraints that are common in other major metropolitan areas, but there are plenty of people living in small apartments or homes. If you have to fit your new vanity into a small space, you may have to choose a sink based vanity that might not have all the drawers you would prefer. The height of bathroom vanities can vary. Most vanities have a low countertop height that is good for children and adults, but if you or your family members are particularly tall, you might want to consider a 36-inch countertop.

The size of your vanity may also help you decide if you want a free standing vanity or a wall-mounted vanity. All of our “furniture style” vanities are free standing units but our ready to assemble bathroom cabinets are much more versatile. By adding a couple of skin panels, you can use them as freestanding vanities just like the furniture style options. The ready to assemble bathroom cabinets also fit wall to wall in nooks and alcoves that are so commonly found in bathrooms. You can also pick from several of our European style bathroom cabinets that can be mounted to the wall for a modern “floating” look.

Kitchen cabinets may have many focal points but when it comes to bathroom cabinets; it’s all about the sink. If your bathroom is large enough, it might be smart to have two sinks. The look of your bathroom is largely affected by the kind of sink you choose. At Cabinet City, we carry a variety of wonderful under-mount and self-rimming sinks for our vanities. We do not sell vessel sinks, but our RTA bathroom vanities are certainly compatible with any kind of vanity sink you choose. Since sinks and vanities do not come with faucets, it is important to think about the faucet you want ahead of time so that there are no complications or incompatibilities.

Furniture Style Vanities

Our designers can work with you to make sure you get the vanity that will work best in your bathroom.