Kitchen Cabinets

Los Angeles County has more than 3 million homes and the number is constantly increasing. If you are one of these homeowners, chances are you will remodel your home sometime within the next few years. The focal point of any home remodeling is the kitchen and the bathrooms. Most consumers don’t know exactly where to begin to look for a contractor, and where to buy all the cabinets and countertops they need. Well look no further, you have just come across the best overall source for kitchen cabinets and countertops in Los Angeles.

We have over 70,000 sqft of warehouse space right in the center of Los Angeles, in the city of San Gabriel. The entire warehouse is dedicated to stocking RTA kitchen cabinets. We also offer granite and quartz countertops, handles, range hoods, and mosaic backsplashes. We offer professional installation and measurement service to anywhere in Southern California. If you want to spend over $20,000 there may be some companies that will do a decent job for your kitchen remodel. But if your budget under $10,000 and you want a complete kitchen remodel with solid wood cabinets and high-quality countertops, there is no better option in Los Angeles.

B##Base Cabinet, Drawer+Door(s)9 to 3634.524Single door up to 21"/Double door 24" and up
BBCBase Blind Corner3634.52436" Cabinet. Need to leave 6" space from corner
BSH##Base Spice Rack6 or 934.524Wooden Spice Rack
BTR##Trash Bin15, 1834.524has trash can & rail
SB##Sink Base30, 33, 3634.524fake drawers, open back.
SBC41Sink Base Corner4134.541from corner, needs space 41"x41". 24" double doors. no base
DB##Drawer Base15-30, no 2734.5243 drawers
BLS##Base Lazy Susan33, 3634.533, 36Lazy Susan
OVB##Oven Base Cabinet24, 3016.524wall oven base. Single Drawer
W####Wall Cabinet9 to 3630, 36, 4212, 24shorter sizes available above stove and ref.
WDC####Wall Diagonal Corner2430, 36, 4224from corner. needs space 24" 24" single door
MWC##Microwave Wall Cabinet2730, 36, 421215" depth shelf for microwave
WES##Wall End Shelf1230, 36, 4212rounded shelves, no door
WED##Wall End Diagonal1230, 36, 421245 degree glass door
WC3018Wine Rack301812Wine rack with cup slider rails
WP####Wall Pantry18, 24, 3084, 90, 96242 sections, botton 54" high
F##Wood Filler330, 42, 963/4plain on one side, lines design on other side
TK8Toe Kick964.51/44.5" high, 1/4" thick
SCM8Scribe Molding963/41/4scribe, trim molding
OCM8Outside Corner Molding963/43/4corner molding, usually used for islands and hanging cabinets
CM##/#Crown Molding961-5/8, 2-3/4, 4-regular crown molding, avail. In all colors, 4" for Antique White only
FM##/#Flat Crown Molding961-5/8, 2-3/4-flat corwn, avail. In mahogany, shaker oak, white
DWR3L/RDishwasher Side Panel134.524solid wood filler in front attached to panel
FP1296Finished Panel12961212″x96" finished panel, 1/2" thick, can make shelves
FP3496Finished Panel34.5961/496″x34.5″ finished panel, 1/4" thick,should be put behind islands
FP4896Finished Panel48961/448"x96" finished panel, 1/4" thick
RR96Refrigerator / Wall Oven Panel9624124"x96" finished panel, 1″thick,
SF36Special Filler334.533"X34.5" fluted filler with rosette deisgn
DHIsland Support5106support for granite-Corbel
VA##21Vanity Cabinet Drawers ONLY15, 18322115" or 18" Vanity-Drawers ONLY
VA##21Vanity Cabinet24 to 72322124" to 60" avail. single sink, 60" & 72" avail. with double sink
GLGlass Door---avail. in width - 12 to 36. min. height of 30, 36, 42

We offer a variety of cabinets so that you can find something that will work for your kitchen.  

In our traditional cabinets, we offer 4 different Shaker styles.  The White Shaker and the Grey Shaker are our two painted options.  The Espresso Shaker is our option with natural wood grain.  Both of our non-shaker style cabinets, American Walnut and Antique White, have antique style doors with raised centers and curved sides.

We also have 4 different options in our European cabinets.  European cabinets tend to be flat panel cabinets and ours are no exception.  The White Gloss, and Charcoal Gloss are the three cabinets found in our High Gloss line. 

Please see our detailed descriptions and specifications of each color under the “American Collection” and “European Collection” portions of our website.