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MDF DoorPremium HDFPremium HDFPremium HDF
Full Overlay
Natural Interior Finish
3/4" Plywood Cabinet Box
3/4" Plywood Shelves
Tandem Drawer w/ Soft-Close
Soft Close Hinge
Roll Out Tray
Lift Up Cabinets
Handle Required
3 Year Warranty
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2. Each price Level is 10%-20%  price difference.

It is important to know what you are looking for when you make a purchase. This can be especially true when you are purchasing a something like kitchen cabinets which are large in size, a costly investment and installed in a semi-permanent manner. When buying new cabinets for a new home or a kitchen remodel, most people tend to choose some kind of American cabinet style like shaker or raised panel. Other people prefer the simple elegance you can get from the various forms of European Style Cabinets.

You will find a number of different cabinets that are referred to as European or simply Euro Style Cabinets. Most of the differences are minor, but there are a few important traits that define these cabinets. Generally speaking, European cabinets have doors that attach right to the body of the cabinet rather than having a frame that covers the front of the cabinet. Another major trait that you will find on Euro style cabinets is that they use flat panel doors. There are many types of woods or other materials like composite woods that are used to make the European door panels, but they are consistently designed as a flat panel door.

Flat panel doors tend to be more on the moderns side. For this reason, these Cabinets are the choice of many homeowners who want to go with a clean, sharp modern look for their kitchen. The majority of Euro style cabinets don’t use real wood for their door panels. You can use real wood but the design of the flat simple panel doors are more susceptible to bending and warping with a solid wood panel. By using composite woods like plywood or MDF, Euro cabinets can have flat smooth cabinet doors that have an appealing unnatural look and feel to them. Because MDF doesn’t have any natural wood grain, you will not see any naturally stained color options. Instead, most Euro Style doors are covered in some kind of surface.

Thermofoil is an affordable option that involves wrapping the MDF doors in a vinyl surface that is stretched over and glued down in place. This is the most affordable option available but it only covers one side of the door.

At Cabinet City, we offer several great Euro-style cabinets for you to choose from. The textured melamine is a surfacing similar to laminate. The major advantage of textured melamine is that you can cover all six sides of each door and panel; so you won’t have a bare side that doesn’t match the rest as you do with thermofoil. Textured Melamine also holds up well over time and will not peel off. The textured wood details give the panels a lot of character. We offer the textured melamine in Cocoa and Milan. We also offer a number of High Gloss options. These are some of the classiest and smoothest cabinets that you will ever find. The layers of high gloss paint will you’re your kitchen the clean, sleek look that you have been looking for. We carry three colors options for the High Gloss Cabinets, White Gloss, Silver Gloss, and the Charcoal Gloss.

All of our European Style Cabinets have the option to have horizontal wall cabinets that swing up to open like a garage door. We also have metal framed glass doors for many of our cabinets and lazy Susan’s for any corners in your kitchen. The metal tandem mounted drawer tracks have soft close mechanism for all of the drawers. These features are part of what makes such a modern look and feel for all of the Euro Style Cabinets. Additional features such as under cabinet lighting can be used to accentuate the modern nature of these contemporary cabinets further.

European cabinets are significantly different from their American counterparts. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, come to our showroom and see if Euro Style Cabinets are right for you. We encourage you to compare our products and prices to other quality cabinet providers.