Antique White RTA Cabinets

Wood TypeRubber Tree Wood*
Door StyleRaised Panel
Frame StyleFull Access Frame
Interior FinishNatural Color
Door and Frame3/4" Solid Wood
Box and Side Panel5/8" Plywood
Shelves3/4" Plywood
Door HingeSoft Close
Drawer TrackUnder Mount Soft Close
Roll Out TrayOptional
Handle RequiredYes
Warranty1-3 Year Warranty

Antique White is fairly unique within our cabinet lines.  It is one of the few styles that are not a Shaker or a Flat Panel design.  Like American Walnut, the Antique White has a raised center panel with a curved frame.  But unlike American Walnut, the Antique White is not stained wood grain, it has 3 beautiful thick layers of lacquer and a layer of polish with a scratch resistant coating.  Just like our White and Gray Shaker cabinets, the Antique White doors have all those layers of lacquer painted onto single solid panel doors so that the paint will not be creased or cracked along the seams of the wood.  The Antique White has a design cut into the face of the solid rubber wood doors, but naturally, this design is far more intricate and detailed than the simple shaker rectangle design found on the White and Gray Shaker.  This raised center and curved frame give the Antique White doors a wonderfully nostalgic feeling.  The creamy white color and smooth flat texture give the Antique White a memorable look that can be augmented by the optional dark detailing of the lines and crevasses within the doors.  The Antique White is a wonderful off-white so it can be easily paired with any countertop, backsplash, or flooring that is not another white.  If you do decide on two whites just be sure to separate them with a bold dark countertop.  White tends to match and compliment anything other than off-white. Dark brown countertops really pop next to the smooth Antique White.  The doors on these attractive cabinets are all full overlay and they are attached with soft close hinges.  The drawers are under mounted and use soft close tracks.  The cabinet boxes are made from strong 5/8 inch plywood.  If you are looking for beautiful cabinets with solid single panel doors but don’t want to use a shaker style, then this is the cabinet for you.  The Antique White is a distinguished option for your kitchen and perfect for anyone who wants brand new cabinets in that older familiar look and style.