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An overview of these special constructs If you’ve been doing a little research into cabinets, by now you are possibly aware of the general differences between Euro-style cabinets and the common American “Shaker” design. As amazing as it sounds, together they make up the majority of cabinet types used worldwide. In fact, they’ve been the primary models used in kitchens for years. A "Shaker" style cabinet is also known as “framed”. The door is literally a 4 piece frame that surrounds a middle recessed panel. The doors are hinged to, and lie on top of, its wooden box “face frame”. Euro style...

Regardless of kitchen style, there’s a cabinet that’s perfect You can’t just throw caution to the wind, cabinet doors are too important to make an uneducated choice about. They can be the identifying factor of your kitchen’s design. They are certainly considered the most visible. If you’re not careful, they may also be the most expensive. Whether you have the budget for the elaborate, or simply prefer the simple route, there is a door designed to be the right fit in any scenario. Among the most well-known cabinet styles is the Shaker-style door. It is in fact, the most common in use...


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