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When cost isn’t a factor and why you should consider it To some, modular kitchens are far superior to any of their kitchen design counterparts. They are made to make the most of space – not an inch is unaccounted for. A standard unit of the modular layout is usually made up of a number of cabinet sections. Included are wall units, floor units, tall-storage cabinets, additional storage space, and more. Before installation, however, be certain to consider a number of important factors. You’ll need to make the most of the kitchen work triangle rule. It’s based on a logical premise –...

Strategies for achieving a ‘dream kitchen’ There are many aspects that can earn admiration for a kitchen. One’s idea of a “dream kitchen” is not necessarily the same as another’s, however, but there are certain amenities that everyone appreciates. When your kitchen features a number of these conveniences, it enters the realm of the exceptional. Your kitchen can, too, simply by incorporating any number of these tips...


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