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Why your bathrooms image can affect the sale of your home It’s plain and simple, really – a dirty bathroom is a turn-off. No matter where you experience one; a gas station, a restaurant, a friend’s house… they’re likely to gross you out. So why would you ever consider buying a home where the most sacred room of them all is unkempt? A clean bathroom is profoundly important to selling your home. The more appealing it is, the greater your potential buyers’ presumption will be that the rest of the home is as well maintained. You want a bathroom floor that...

Yup, being in your bathroom is like taking a time machine to 1982. The hardware is at least that old. The hard-to-reach places are getting moldy. You’ve already replaced the shower head, but the rest of it is a bit rusty. The tub has a permanent gray ring caused by a chiliad of baths that has slowly defied scrubbing. It’s time for a change. But where do you start? Obviously, your budget needs to be considered. Materials vary greatly in quality, from basic to very high-end. Luckily, much of the labor is easily incurred by the consumer.     Stylistically, there is a particular...


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