Turning the Corner(s)

Creative Ideas for Expanding Your Kitchen’s Potential

Turning the Corner(s)

Creative Ideas for Expanding Your Kitchen’s Potential

The days of throwing the plastic waste basket in the corner are over. You no longer want to prop your brooms or mops up over there either. You’ve grown. You have style. And it’s time for your kitchen design to reflect that. And a perfect way to achieve this goal is to make use of the oft-neglected corners. It’s time for them to earn their keep, to actually be efficient and functional. “Well, how do they do that?” you ask, “They’re JUST CORNERS…”

“Just corners”? No. They serve a purpose beyond being mere connectors of walls. At best, they provide solutions. For instance, a ‘blind’ corner allows access to the area where two cabinets typically meet. But it’s an awkward fit that doesn’t lend itself to be a convenient common storage area. You may order various kitchen supplies that you can use and install in your kitchen.

The “Lazy Susan” however, is a beloved storage solution. It’s a carousel built into the corner that you can rotate while you have access to the front exposed side. On the potential downside, over-crowded shelves may inhibit its free motion.

You may even make use of drawers that actually encompass both sides of a corner. Pull one out to expose the two triangle-shaped storage areas that each offers. In plain sight their true design is not obvious, and that’s part of the appeal. Many are surprised to essentially find a single drawer is in fact, comprised of two sections!

Of course it’s reasonable to simply leave a corner alone, to allow it to be ‘dead’ space. This is particularly applicable in the case of older homes, where the original layout does not lend itself to much modification. You may not even be able to insert a corner cabinet, due to the limitations set by what’s already set tightly to the edge of the corner, such as a countertop or closet. But if your counters are already built into the corner, why not simply place a cabinet onto one side? This facilitates uninhibited opening and closure of its doors.  

If you’re working with a particularly large kitchen you may have ample enough room to afford converting a corner into a sitting area. You may have to pass on some storage or counter space, but it’s a cozy way to sit on your cabinets. Add cushions on top and adorn with pillows and linens and viola, you’ll be sipping tea with your guest in fashion, without ever having to leave the kitchen.

Are you a swinger? Then a ‘swinging pullout’ may be right up your alley (pun intended, tongue-in-cheek, of course). It’s just as it’s named, it swings as it pulls out, fully revealing its contents. Perfect for your bulky items, like pots and pans, the SP prevents the need to reach as it essentially comes to you. The design limits its storage capacity somewhat, but the effortless accessibility makes it worth it!

If you have a window nearby a corner with light benefits that you want to take advantage of, you may want to experiment by offsetting it with a diagonally-cut sink base. This will leave a triangular area to work with – perfect for placing plants that will thrive in the sunlight! To get more inspiration and find the perfect windows to complement your design, check out MaverickWindows.

Another popular option to include in your kitchen remodeling project is to install a corner pantry. Its double door design is built to maximize capacity. It can be an efficient add-on, though it may limit counter space and be a bit pricey to boot. If you’re looking to replace your doors, you may be interested in these french doors in Melbourne.

And if you need a solution for storing heavier appliances and don’t want to have to stoop and lift them, the corner ‘appliance garage’ is right for you. Perched unto the counter, the wares are concealed by what is essentially a garage-style door that pulls up to reveal its contents which then may easily be moved out for use.

Make a cost-efficient and attractive use of your corner by wrapping shelves within. You’ll have open access to the area as it provides a minimalist rustic touch. It may require a bit of effort to maintain, though, as the visibility factor demands consistent dusting and organization (assuming you want it to look nice).

Lastly, there’s what’s known as the ‘easy reach’ cabinet. It features an accordion-style double door that folds out in two pieces, revealing the shelving on both sides. It makes efficient use of space and no reaching is necessary. It’s a bit more complex and therefore a bit pricier than its contemporaries, but it is the epitome of convenience.

So how will you turn your corners? Now that we’ve given you some ideas we hope that you can’t wait to transform them into devices that accentuate not only versatility and practicality but design aesthetic as well. Have fun!

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