3 Thoughtful Plans for Kitchen Renovation

3 Thoughtful Plans for Kitchen Renovation

Topics for consideration prior to taking action.

Every homeowner should consider their particular kitchen, situation and lifestyle before embarking on such a large and costly project. A family should think about their priorities when it comes to their kitchen use. They should consider how many people will be cooking regularly and how large their typical gatherings are. Traffic in the kitchen should also be considered when deciding on the room’s layout. Despite the many factors that must be taken into account for a decision, there are some general strategies that homeowners can follow to significantly improve the value obtained from their investment. For instance, a homeowner can reduce the price of their kitchen renovation project by keeping some elements of the old kitchen that work well with the new design. They can get the best false ceiling services, which not only increases space, but also gives a lavish look to the kitchen. Conserving original windows can save you anything from $500 to $1,000 per window. Instead of moving the windows, you may keep their original location and just opt for a vinyl replacement window installation to level up the style of your kitchen.

Conserving the original wood flooring can save you up to $2,000. If it’s too far gone, there are some very reasonable options like laminate flooring that can be considered. Rewiring appliances would require hiring a professional to rework circuitry, and this can go for an additional $200 to $500. Buying new appliances is an option, but these should be installed in the same place as the old units. Hiring professional plumbers may also be required if your plumbing needs to be rearranged or repaired.


A popular kitchen design is the open floor plan, which requires taking down a wall to open up the kitchen space. But before taking down a wall, it is important to consider that the wall can have water pipes, electrical circuitry, and venting elements, and these will need to be reconnected in a different location, it’s best to contact real professionals like an electrician from Home-Pro Electric (for Cambridge electricians). For these reasons, a good alternative is the cutout style, which can serve the function of opening up a room. In addition to this, a cutout will provide more countertop room and more space for seating. Mechanics and plumbing can still present problems but the floor and ceiling will be intact.

When on a budget, recessed lighting should be avoided. The reason for this is that it requires holes to be made on surfaces, like the ceiling, and hidden expenses may come up due to fixing these structures. Including the cost of an electrician and of material, single recessed lighting can cost approximately $100 to $150. An alternative to recessed lights are track lights. These come in a variety of designs and finishes, and when placed on a dimmer, they offer a range of atmospheric lighting. April Powers, a Los Angeles based kitchen designer, states that it is essential for kitchens to have the capability to adjust to various lighting needs. Today, kitchens are social spaces, and they need to accommodate a spectrum of activities and guests. Also, since many kitchens are open spaces, it is important for them to visually retreat to the background–by lowering their light level–after they have been used.


If you can’t afford all of your renovation materials at once, it is important to be smart about how you build a kitchen. Afterall, a kitchen will last for a decade or more. If you can’t afford a granite countertop right away, you can select a placeholder, such as a laminate look-alike, and this will cut the price in half. The laminate look-alike will serve as a workstation until the time when you can afford granite material. Another element that can be added later on, after countertops are installed, are backsplashes. Sheetrock and wallpaper are cost-effective alternatives in the meantime. Another project that can be delayed is adding glass panels to cabinet doors. This is also easy and cost efficient.


If a homeowner is looking to sell his house within the next ten years, a complete $60,000 renovation will not be necessary. Instead, a homeowner should opt for cosmetic work. This would include painting old cabinets or fixing them with a new wood veneer, and this will cost anything from $1,000 to $5,000. Buying new kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles should run you anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 depending on the size of course. A new faucet and fresh cabinet hardware can be purchased for under $500. New lighting can be found for a price between $500 to $2,000, but this will depend on how far you take the lights.

Open shelving can be an alternative to cabinets, especially for large kitchens where storage isn’t an issue. They can be easily built by using materials like salvaged wood or wood planks, purchased from a hardware store. Open shelving can also add flair to a kitchen by displaying special dishware, and it can save a homeowner thousands.

On the other end of the spectrum are custom-made cabinets. The most expensive cabinets are those that are custom designed, built and installed to fit in the idiosyncratic shapes of a kitchen. The price range can be anything from $250 to $1,500 per linear foot. Elaborate details, exotic material, and period styles will contribute to the cost and time of production.

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