Best Backsplash Ideas for White Kitchen Cabinets

Best Backsplash Ideas for White Kitchen Cabinets

Accent Tips for White Kitchen Cabinetry

The rising popularity of white kitchen cabinets cannot be overstated. Owing to their color neutrality, they lend kitchen design the greatest degree of flexibility while opening up the space. All of that white surface area also lends to a cleaner kitchen as you can more easily spot any food stains or grime. Once you have determined what cabinetry you want to install, your thoughts may have moved on to the best method for accenting the backsplash. While there are numerous options for a unique and stylish look, conforming to the visual advantages of your white cabinets will provide the greatest effect.

Kitchen Style Decisions and Your Backsplash

Within the realm of white kitchen cabinets there is a great degree of variance in style. Have you chosen a more modern look with contemporary lines, or opted for an old world feel in your kitchen? Your backsplash selection should amplify your existing style choices in material, but should be functional no matter what. Every material has its drawbacks; some choices for your new backsplash such as brick will demand additional work to ensure safe conditions.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Backsplash

The availability of a wide variety of tile shapes and types provides significant versatility for your backsplash. Tiles can be printed with stone or wood appearances, providing all of the aesthetic boost but none of the issues associated with them. Electing for tiles with a softer color profile can still provide a striking offset to white kitchen cabinets and is generally preferable to exploring darker colors.

A white tile backsplash can blend further with your white cabinets, allowing appliances and smaller color splashes to take center stage. If you are exceptionally fond of function over a bombastic appearance then this route may be for you.

Stainless Steel Backsplash

Durable and relatively inexpensive, stainless steel can provide a sleek and modern look next to your pristine white cabinets. It looks best paired with cabinets that have a glossy finish rather than a matte surface. It is also very easy to clean, though be mindful that it can scratch and dent possibly requiring you to replace sections.

Stone Backsplash

Natural stone can easily steal the show in your kitchen when surrounded by white kitchen cabinets. It is obviously quite durable and resistant to heat or abrasion. Since it will generally be sealed, it can be easily cleaned with water and soap. Visually, you will want to consider how it closes off the space somewhat relative to the white cabinetry.

Laminate Backsplash

Laminate is a highly affordable route if you are looking to complete your kitchen remodel on a limited budget. Due to impressive advancements in printing technologies, laminates can be found with very pleasing textures that resemble virtually any material. This can be a great way to get the appearance of a stone or wood without the associated costs. Note that the layout of your kitchen and, in particular, your stove’s proximity to your wall may limit your ability to make use of laminate.

Granite Backsplash

Granite can be an amazing pairing with your new white kitchen cabinets. It bears the same visual strength of a stone backsplash but contributes less to closing off the space. If you have elected for matte finish cabinets you may lean towards polished granite for a pleasant contrast or vice versa. Matte granites contribute more to a modern look in your kitchen.

Brick Backsplash

A brick backsplash can be an excellent way to introduce or maintain an organic and aged quality even when surrounded by more modern white cabinets. They can create a strong industrial feel for the area, reminding visitors that this is a place of great work. While vibrant and appealing, you must remember that brick is clay and unvarnished surfaces can produce dust as well as be difficult to clean.

Painted white brick is a compromise that makes the brick far easier to work with and clean in your day-to-day. Sealing the brick with paint also ensures that you won’t be dealing with any profusion of clay dust.

Marble Backsplash

Similar to the advantages of stone or granite, marble provides a strong yet sophisticated backsplash material for your kitchen. We find that marble is best used without overdoing it, providing a feature of elegance within the overarching theme of the space. It looks very beautiful next to bright white cabinets and can serve as a color transition to grey or darker countertops.

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