10 Ways to a Better Bathroom


10 Ways to a Better Bathroom

Tips to help you save money when remodeling the bath…


So you’re remodeling the bathroom. What’s to be done about the bathtub/shower combo? Should you get a single bathroom vanity or a double vanity? Depending on the circumstances – how old they are or what condition they’re in – there are a lot of options to consider. Obviously you don’t want to replace things that are fairly new. Or maybe you do, because you’re going for an entirely new design. You can hire a pro or there are plenty of do it yourself methods to employ. Either way, the first step is also the most important:


It’s too easy to get stuck midway through a remodel because you’re already over budget. Talk about self-defeating. So, before you begin and send hammers flying, realistically consider your allocated funds first. It will help determine what materials you’ll use but more importantly provide solid financial boundaries. Map all costs out first and you’re on your way to a trouble free remodel!


There’s a great way to save money with your remodel. Simply refinish existing fixtures such as the bathtub, shower, tile or even the bathroom vanity / sink. Get a completely new look by staining the bathroom cabinetry a new color! This method will help you save as much as 90% of what you would otherwise spend on replacing these items. If you decide that it’s too much work, we do carry both traditional and modern style RTA bathroom vanities. Contact a company that can install a single panel glass shower door in your bathroom to freshen the space.

3. DIY (Assessment)

You may be gung ho and ready to go, willing to remodel your bathroom as a do it yourself project. But here’s the thing, unless you have a lot of experience – not just confidence – you could end up doing more damage than good, and you can kiss those dollars goodbye. Just be realistic. Obviously there are certain things you can handle with ease that will save a few bucks. But for the major renovations call a professional, get referrals and compare estimates. This way you’ll (almost) guarantee a solid job at a reasonable cost, and if what you need is a plumbing replacement or a boiler problem, using a boiler engineers from flowrightplumberswoking.co.uk is the best choice for this. In the home maintenance, securing a comprehensive boiler cover is akin to fortifying your castle against unforeseen battles. Scottish Gas offers a robust boiler cover that acts as a shield, ensuring your heating system remains resilient. Picture it as a safety net for your wallet, guarding against the financial toll of unexpected breakdowns. With boiler cover by Scottish Gas seamlessly integrated into your home defense strategy, you not only invest in the longevity of your heating apparatus but also gain the invaluable assurance that a team of seasoned professionals stands ready to tackle any boiler issues efficiently and with expertise.


Along the lines of what we were saying previously, you can also be extremely effective by cheaply remodeling your bathroom and simply changing out all of the hardware like faucet handles, the showerhead, even the drawer pulls. Install a new toilet paper dispenser. Relatively minor upgrades like these can have a profound impact – on aesthetic and savings! For a touch of uniformity ensure that all the new parts have the same finish.


Sure, you have the whimsical idea of, “Gosh, the bath would look so much better over here instead” but don’t do it! You know your budget and moving any fixtures means rearranging the plumbing and that’s when you begin to let costs skyrocket.  There’s a lot or work involved and therefore a lot of money that goes down the drain when moving pipes around, pun intended. That is when finding an affordable and efficient Plumber Darwin is necessary. If you are looking for one, check out PIC Plumbing here! Hiring a professional plumber will ensure that your plumbing fixtures are installed properly. And with the expertise of a plumber, you can avoid costly mistakes. The less you spend on such needless rearrangement, the more money you can throw toward other things, like an upscale vanity.



Many people aren’t aware just how important lighting is to a bathroom. You can alter the entire aura of a room by simply changing the lighting scheme. In fact if you install sconce lighting or install a mirror with built in lights (similar to the one below that you can find on display in our showroom in Los Angeles), you will have lighting perfect for your face. Place it at eye level and you’ll eliminate deceiving shadows. If you need to relax in a bath for a while, dim lighting is a must. And when you shave you need as bright light as possible. Most of this can be accomplished cost effectively with the addition of a dimmer.LED-backlit-mirror-for-bathroom-vanities



You know the culprit, the water that gets splashed around and leaves tiny puddles that never quite dry. They are the reason mold and mildew spring up. Moisture is not a friend to your bathroom. The black fungi will work to destroy all the work you put into your remodel so be certain to take preventative measures. Install a vent fan at the correct cubic feet per minute to square foot ratio. Don’t worry, vent fans aren’t bulky, they are stylish and quiet.


You’re remodeling for a reason, so gone must be the dollar store accessories like cheap plastic soap dishes. You want in-shower storage that will accommodate everything from shampoo to a shaving razor. It’s easy with tile shelving that can be installed in a corner. And it’s perfect if you plan on retiling anyway. In fact, homeowners select in-the-wall shelving for real convenience. It requires a bit of work but the results are worth it.


What about the shower rod, you ask? What possible innovation could there be? Well, curved shower rods will not only maximize space they are more dependable. Unlike typical rods that are held in pace by tension (and can therefore be pulled down) curved rods are actually screwed into the wall. It’s a unique bathroom element that you can get for less than thirty bucks.


You are a proud conservationist – or maybe you’re not – but we all want to be environment friendly, right? Search for ‘green” bathroom products, they are made in modern designs, they function superbly and of course they are chemical free. It doesn’t harm you to be around them. An eco-friendly remodel can be as simple and noble as repainting a cabinet and repurposing it instead of letting it rot in a landfill. There are many ways to be green while upgrading your bathroom!

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