Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles Showroom


Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles Showroom

Buy Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets at Our Local Los Angeles Showroom

Planning your next home remodel in the LA area will likely incorporate your kitchen. And as a design space, the kitchen will radiate its look and feel throughout the rest of your house. The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home” with good cause. What was for years regarded as a cramped cook space whose only contribution was utility has become the stylish hot spot of Los Angeles living spaces.

When it comes to your remodel, cost and quality are the most significant factors to weigh in evaluating your plan and resources. Understanding the breakdown of expenses really highlights how important it is to not only save big on cabinets, but to get ones that will endure.

2018 Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen in Los Angeles

While many home remodelers are preoccupied with how you want the kitchen to look for your needs and enjoyment, it doesn’t hurt to think ahead. Whether you’re considering house flipping or simply want to ensure that your investment in your home pays off big in the long run, equipping yourself with the numbers makes your choices simpler.

Let’s look at two common remodel scenarios for a 200-square-foot kitchen in Los Angeles, minor and major updates. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2018 Cost vs Value Report for LA, locals can expect to recoup (on average) 77% of a minor kitchen remodel and 56% of a major kitchen remodel costs.

In a survey of cost profiles for Los Angeles kitchens, cabinets and hardware amounted to just shy of 30% of the overall remodel cost (with Installation expenses coming in second at 17%).

Finally, the average cost of a midrange remodel and a major remodel: $24,957 and $73,198, respectively.

Calculations of Investment Return on Cabinets for Home Resale:

  • On average, cabinets account for $7,487 (30%) of a midrange kitchen remodel
  • On average, cabinets account for $21,959 (30%) of a major kitchen remodel
  • On average, you can expect to recoup $5,765 (77%) of a midrange kitchen remodel in cabinet costs alone
  • On average, you can expect to recoup $12,297 (56%) of a major kitchen remodel in cabinet costs alone

Data used in calculations derived from Cost vs Value 2018 Report

Between midrange and major kitchen remodels, most LA homeowners can expect to recoup 67% of their cabinet costs


What does all of this amount to? It means that beyond all of the joy you get out of your new kitchen cabinets, you can expect to have paid less than half of their costs when you prepare to sell your home. Does it stop there, though? No!

These numbers all result from use of storefront materials–not cabinet wholesalers. Sourcing higher quality cabinets at more competitive prices means that your investment lasts longer at a considerable cost advantage. And if you want to improve on the math further, consider ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets to reduce the 17% installation fees mentioned earlier.

Cabinet City is Your Preferred Cabinet Provider

Cabinet City serves LA and surrounding areas with premium quality pre-built and RTA kitchen cabinets. Find the right cabinets for the kitchen of your dreams in our Los Angeles warehouse showroom from countless popular styles. Our selections of traditional American and modern European designs give you all the choices you need to make the inexpensive decision for your home.

Start shopping our great selection of wholesale American or European kitchen cabinets online today, or join us in our Los Angeles showroom!

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