Premium Quality Bathroom Vanities Near North Hollywood


Premium Quality Bathroom Vanities Near North Hollywood

Does Your North Hollywood Home Need a Great New Bathroom Vanity?


When considering a new major or minor bathroom remodel in your North Hollywood home, one of the first things that comes to mind is what your new vanity will look like. It is, after all, the centerpiece of the space physically and visually. Generally speaking, the rest of the room’s style will expand and flow outward from it, to cabinets, tiles, and even paint color.

An update to your vanity can do much more for the bathroom than simply increasing your enjoyment of the space. Home values in North Hollywood aren’t hurting, but increasing them through remodels can significantly improve your eventual resale price. An amazing new vanity can pay for itself quite easily.

New Design, New Bathroom

Planning out a bathroom remodel does come with some practical obstacles. You want to ensure that your vanity provides all of the advantages of storage and beauty without hindering movement in the area. You want a new vanity at relatively cheap cost that increases the tranquil enjoyment of the bathroom.

We keep abreast of financial factors in remodels in order to continue passing savings on to customers as well as ensure that we are truly providing affordable materials that still represent excellent quality. Whether you come to our local cabinets showroom in San Gabriel or browsing online, your satisfaction is our priority.

Using the 2018 Cost vs Value data from remodeling, the numbers are extremely favorable for bathroom remodelers in Los Angeles (including North Hollywood). For a midrange bathroom remodel, on average you can expect to get back 90.8% of your cost; 74.8% of an upscale remodel. And for bathroom additions, 75% of the cost should come back to you. Considering that the vanity/cabinets account for upwards of 30% of the remodel, this makes upgrading or adding a brand new vanity a no-brainer!milan-flat-panel-bathroom-vanity-1

Cabinet City Is Your Local Bathroom Vanity Store

Whether you are looking to get a minor remodel done or a total overhaul of the bathroom, Cabinet City is here to help. Our remodel experts can help you from start to finish with designs for the space as well as locating the right vanity that matches your style choices. There is no need to approach this process without the benefit of professional knowledge.

Check out our extensive selection of available vanities today!

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