Never underestimate the power of accessories Sometimes it’s the most obvious things we don’t consider or give a second thought to. We may regret that it seems difficult to get creative with our bathrooms décor, assuming that interior design in a small space is a great challenge. You’ve already got nice paint and tiles, the restroom vanity looks great, where can you go from there? Simplicity, that’s where. Take a few steps back. You are already using accessories that are essential, simply engage that concept a little further and be artistic with it. The best part of it all is that...

Even knobs have stories We tend to take certain hardware for granted, don’t we? The wheels on our chairs, the fixtures for our lights, the locks on our doors, the handles on our cabinets… we can’t be blamed for not giving them a second thought, they were always just there, serving a purpose. Sometimes life doesn’t afford us a moment to stop and ask “where did that come from?” But when it does, we are introduced to a whole new world, and we’re better for it. I suppose one could laugh at the idea of writing a story about minor kitchen hardware,...


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