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Keeping America's favorite gathering place contemporary and inviting It doesn’t matter what you plan at your home, gatherings ultimately end up in the kitchen at some point. It’s the room that seems to accommodate more family routines than any other, from making meals to doing homework; the kitchen is where it all happens. Make it as modem and accommodating as possible for your family and guests by getting the most out of it with the most recent emerging trends… The Sleek Slab Flat panel modern kitchen cabinets (“slab”) that are made of veneer wood have become quite popular in the last few years....

What to consider when creating a color scheme What do you need to know when choosing colors for the kitchen? Maybe you could save some time and opt for the basic black and white design. But, would that look okay with wooden kitchen cabinets? It’s time to step back, and think about it… There are no rules to choosing a color scheme for your kitchen. Nothing is set in stone. Some folks hire designers to help them through. There’s certainly no shame in that. Others trust their instinct, their ability to assemble their kitchen tastefully. Whichever route taken, it’s good to be...


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