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Guidelines and ideas for constructing a home bar Home bars are a great idea for home improvement projects. With a bit of innovation, they can be built anywhere in a house, and they are a good setting for entertainment and for having friends over. Also, they are useful for settling in after a long day of work. A good way to construct a bar is to find the right combination of elements, such as accessories, decorative objects, cabinets, countertops, and of course, glassware. Materials employed do not have to be very expensive. For example, bottle caps can be used for wall...

This once undervalued material has emerged in prominence With popular woods like Mahogany becoming ever more scarce, coincidentally as forests are being destroyed, the cost of such preferred materials has skyrocketed (you may question what the real cost is). Is it finally time to look to materials that are sustainable? Should we at last make a major push to be environmentally conscious? And if so, where do we start when it comes to the needs of wood for the construction and furniture industries? After all, preserving our forests is a priority, but what of the countless jobs at stake? You may not...


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