Shower Identity: Curtains or Doors?

A look at why consumers prefer shower curtains / shower doors

Shower Identity: Curtains or Doors?

Undoubtedly, most of us have a bathroom that features the shower combined with the bath. It’s extremely common. Sure, we’d like to have a luxurious tub dedicated to baths and a fancy enclosure designed solely for showers. But in the world of the common person, a Custom Design Shower accommodates both. And with it comes a standard option – choosing a shower door that swings or slides open, or a shower curtain that can be pulled open or closed.

It may be a no-brainer for you. You might like the decorative touch a curtain provides. On the other hand, the durability of the door may be what you require. Different strokes for different folks. But if you are currently in a position to choose curtain fabric, here is a detailed list of a few aspects of each to consider.


As the cure for an overly sterile environment, curtains are a great way to personalize the bathroom. Using fabric that is (obviously) water resistant, or by incorporating a waterproof shower liner, the curtain may loom freely in a variety of styles. Since mildew is a concern, be certain that your curtain is easily washable.

With a minimum of effort, the curtain can add an explosion of color, especially if it is in sharp, yet tasteful, contrast to the rest of the décor. What’s more, there is a variety of patterns and designs available. Making the choices even more exciting is the number of novelty curtains out there. Nearly every niche interest is represented, from sports teams and movies to nature scenes and musical motifs. I once had a curtain that featured a collage of Old Hollywood Movie stars. Currently, it is a vintage image of the New York skyline that adorns my shower. Choosing such themes is something you can have fun with!

On the feminine side, one may get quite frilly. A curtain with layers and lace will beautify the bathroom, especially if it is in harmony with the other accessories. You can also get quite static. A solid color or transparent vinyl swath is the optimal choice when neutrality is preferred, often appealing to the ultra-modern set.  


An advantage of shower doors is the fact that they provide full enclosure. Water is not likely to escape beyond the area it is meant to flow. A sliding door closes relatively tightly and a traditional door shuts leaving minimal separation. If necessary, they can be cut to the specifications of odd-sized ceilings and are available in a variety of styles such as hinged, sliding and multi-paneled.

Of modern and simplistic design, a fixed panel of a frameless piece of glass will fit in with just about any bathroom motif. It is particularly appropriate when space is limited and the layout is sparse. But if the central theme is ‘busy’ – fancifully tiled and decorated – a plain sheet of basic glass may be the ticket. It may be coated to prevent the accumulation of dirt and lime which allows for easier cleaning.

A newer concept that is rapidly growing in popularity is the multi-panel folding design. It may utilize a larger than average screen of glass consisting of two hinged sections. When not in use it folds neatly out of the way, accordion style. It may feature a full-length magnetic latching system and spring-loaded rollers that insure silent operation.

If you’re like countless others who love nothing more than a nice long hot bath, contemplating the curtain and door option is a must. What personal preferences do you want to indulge? Privacy? Style? Whichever they are, the ideal bathing experience is just a choice away!

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