Why a Range Hood?

Why a Range Hood?

Understanding the benefits of that thing above the oven

It seems like there’s not much talk about range hoods. In homes that feature one, it’s just sort of there. Not much thought is given to it or the function it serves. But when it comes to designing or remodeling a home, the question of range hoods inevitably pop up. That’s when it’s necessary to know a thing or two about them. You’re about to learn that they are, in fact, among the more important appliances in your home.

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Also known as an extractor or ventilation hood, the range hood’s most important benefit is likely that it removes pollutants from the air. Toxins and gases that can be hazardous when inhaled are sucked right out of the room. Smoke and steam are also controlled, vented away as well. What makes this function so great is that it’s as easy as the push of a button. The fan activates, and those potentially harmful particles are whisked out. The action depletes the amount of toxic air you and your guests might inhale and even contributes to fighting the growth of bacteria and germs (maybe even mold) in your kitchen. You should still hire a mold testing service every so often just to be safe of course.

Beyond these benefits, a running range hood also limits potential levels of carbon dioxide that may happen to escape and be present. Inadequate ventilation has tragically been the cause of a number of carbon dioxide related deaths. You don’t want that stuff accumulating and floating around in your home. If you think it’s to get yours cleaned, you can find Expert Vent Hood Cleaners online.

Adding to the advantages of a range hood is the fact that it diffuses heat in the kitchen. Excessive warmth will certainly originate from any number of sources related to the cooktop. If you are working there in the midst of it you can be assured that you will be less affected by the heat and rising steam. The fan blower that is built into the hood is designed to suck out the heat, besides those airborne toxins and smoke, ultimately making the room more comfortable to prepare and enjoy food in. For better air recirculation in the kitchen, most homeowners love the best ductless range hoods.

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Just about any kitchen would benefit from the addition of extra lighting. Guess what? Hoods also provide supplementary illumination. For both cooking and cleaning, being able to clearly see what you are doing is a great benefit, and helps prevent any potential errors on your part. Uninhibited vision helps you more accurately gauge the progress of food being cooked and keeping it from burning. Plus, all of the accumulated grime on the oven will be visible under the range light as well, making it easy to target it when washing the appliance. Also, relying on the range as a primary source of lighting (overnight, for instance) saves money over using other more power-draining lights in the kitchen.

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Let’s face it, just as we see a range hood as just sort of ‘being there’, we also expect it to be there. It can have an adverse effect on the resale value if a home is missing this very common luxury. On the other hand, if the existing hood is old and beat-up and looks like something out of an antique store, you may want to see about having it replaced. Certainly, when selling a home, do that a.s.a.p.

Don’t take for granted the comfortable atmosphere that a hood serves to promote. It essentially protects your health and provides a clean environment – not just for cooking, but for living in your home. Unpleasant odors are vaporized and you are happy and encouraged to continue your culinary adventures.

Certainly, the kitchen range hood is an asset to your home and your health. Please consider all of these factors and fully research the models you’re interested in. Also, consult with your contractor before making a final decision. Sure, just about any range hood will work, but it is a breath of fresh air having the right one – literally!

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