The Big Five

The Big Five

5 cost-saving tips for choosing cabinets

You never really thought twice about your kitchen ‘till someone mentioned that it looked, “vintage”. That could be cool, if it were intentional. The fact is, it’s just old. The kitchen cabinets are chipped, dirty, and there’s that one in particular you always have to slam to make sure it stays shut… what if you replace the cabinets only? You’ve got a little extra cash right now and it’s probably a good investment, why don’t you check online to see?

Yup, just as you thought, new cabinets can make the kitchen look all-new and increase the potential resale value. Nice. Soon, your kitchen will reflect the modern and successful person you are. So let’s look at five easy ways to maximize your savings when choosing new kitchen cabinets:

1. Pick a cheaper wood variety

Wood can be quite expensive, so when you pick one for your kitchen cabinets, think cheap. There are so many varieties, you’ll be able to find a mid-level one of high quality for a very affordable price. Choose woods in the league of alder, maple or hickory, they are of good value. On the other hand, avoid those that are typically very expensive, like bamboo and walnut.

{Picture Reference to DIY Network}

2. Pick an inexpensive finish

You’ve found the perfect deal for the wood. Now, apply the same principal to the finish. With a little research, you can find a good one for about 20% less than average. Painting and glazing are typically cheaper than staining and lacquering your cabinets, although the latter offers advanced options like antiquing or distressing.

3. Install ‘as-is’

By forgoing the staining or painting process altogether you’ll save a nice chunk of cash and the cost of lacquering will also be saved. Nobody will give the unfinished cabinets a second thought, they will simply appear to be the result of a rustic design choice. In fact, they’re likely to get a compliment or two!


4. Choose a semi-custom cabinet

You don’t need to settle for stock ready-to-assemble cabinets, but you don’t have to pay the price of a high-end custom, either. This is why semi-custom cabs are perfect. Featuring excellent quality for the cost, which on average can be as much as 50% less than that of the fully custom cabinets, semi-customs are a great value.

5. Locate cheap hardware

Lastly, just a couple extra bucks may be saved on this one, admittedly, but every little bit counts. You don’t have to use expensive fixtures, ask the manufacturer about cheaper metal door handles and latches. Heck, if plastic ones will do the job while being cost-efficient, why not?

It all starts with a web search, then maybe a phone call. Seek out the best deals, there’s nothing to be ashamed of – saving money and finding the best deal is a skill to be proud of!

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