5 Design Tricks for Planning a Full Bathroom Remodel: Part 2

5 Design Tricks for Planning a Full Bathroom Remodel: Part 2

Extra Tips to Make Your Bathroom Remodel Easier

Welcome back, dear reader. In our previous entry on this topic, we discussed preliminary steps to help reduce headaches and improve your overall knowledge of bathroom layouts. The more detailed your plan is, the greater the likelihood of your bathroom remodeling project going smoothly. In this article we continue our design tricks with some practical tips about your bathroom appliances and materials. These tips will help you make some concrete decisions about what that careful budget planning is helping to afford.Corner-sink-coastal-kitchen

Our practical tips in this article cover:

  • Countertop and Sink Height
  • To Corner Sink or Not to Corner Sink
  • Short Tubs for Chic Abodes
  • Selecting Your Vanity
  • The Right Stuff – Choosing Your Materials

1. Countertop and Sink Height

Planning the height of your countertop and sink is a deceptively simple task. The truth is, only the simplest of faucets may not disrupt your cabinetry plan above your countertop. Standard countertops will generally fall within a 32 – 34 inch height range. However, if you decide on an above-counter vessel sink then it may be necessary to go with a lower height in order to be able to comfortably wash your hands or brush your teeth. Additionally, the dimensions of your faucet and fixtures should be factored in to know exactly what height medicine cabinet you want.

2. To Corner Sink or Not to Corner Sink

Small bathrooms are always fun to populate with a functional layout that provides as much comfort as possible. Even bathrooms on the larger side can present unique obstacles to accessibility depending on placement of the entry or shower doors. The solution in both cases may be a handsome corner sink. Freeing up valuable space may turn tight quarters into a cozier bathroom with comfortable mobility. Combined with a corner vanity, this can add a great deal of visual area to the room. Seek the services of a plumbing contractor to help you install your sink and other plumbing fixtures.

3. Short Tubs for Chic Abodes

Your petite bathroom might at first glance not permit a bathtub. When the dimensions of your bathroom are seemingly too small to warrant the placement of a standard sized tub, smaller models are available. Limited space doesn’t have to mean limited creativity with a lot of the sophisticated choices of small bathtub available. Combining a corner sink and a shrunken tub can provide an intriguing aesthetic while making full use of a smaller space. Consulting with plumbers in oahu ensures that your plumbing needs are addressed effectively for your bathroom layout.

4. Selecting Your Vanity

Picking out the right vanity for your new bathroom is a matter of function as well as style. Maintaining the same or similar materials as other elements in your remodel is important to the bathroom’s look, but the vanity must withstand the unique humidity and moisture differently than other fixtures. Additionally, the vanity is typically in direct competition with available storage space.

Some considerations for your new vanity should include:

  • Material: Properly sealed or lacquered wood is a favorable choice, though lacquer is far from indestructible. The vanity should still be cleared of water as much as possible to preserve the finish.
  • Storage: If your small vanity cabinet does not provide suitable storage space, consider some quality cabinets to make up the difference. Larger vanities may necessitate storage be relegated to space beneath your sink. In these cases, it is of even greater importance to get quality cabinetry for maximum volume.

5. The Right Stuff – Choosing Your Materials

Due to the small space of most bathrooms, your remodel may provide ample budget for you to select some higher quality building supplies. Following our tips, you may have sufficient funds to play around with some superior storage with a beautiful finish or nicer fixtures to go along great with a new vanity. We find that many homeowners who do their bathroom remodels right wind up quite pleased with the final products on even a shoestring budget. Once you find the right fixtures for your bathroom, you may need to hire contractors for the installation, click here to learn more.

Final Entry Just Up the Bend

We hope these practical steps have been valuable to you in your bathroom remodel research. Our treasure trove of design tricks is nearly, but not quite complete: in our next entry, we’ll tackle the finishing touches on planning your bathroom remodel to get things just right. Stay tuned!

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