Kitchen Remodeling and Los Angeles Design Trends in 2018

Cool Bright Kitchen Design

Kitchen Remodeling and Los Angeles Design Trends in 2018

New Ideas for the Modern Kitchen

There are so many cool new trends floating around in kitchen design right now that it is ridiculous trying to keep up with everything. We’re definitely seeing a strong continuation of last year’s progression of the kitchen towards a social space and trophy spot in homes, which we love. The entire home isn’t just a financial investment, it’s an investment in happiness and peace of mind. Seeing all of the new avenues springing up for us to make our kitchens reflect ourselves is fantastic.Terrazzo Kitchen Island

As it can be difficult to find all of the cool new décor and design tips, we went ahead and compiled what we consider the most compelling and interesting concepts for kitchen remodels out there right now. So without further ado, our roundup of 2018’s top 10 kitchen remodeling and design trends. In addition to the overall design, you may also deal with other issues you have with your kitchen. For instance, if you have hard water supply, a water softener install is recommended. However,
be careful because some water softener causing low water pressure issue in homes. It is advisable to hire a trusted plumber with years of experience in water softener installation to ensure the quality of work.

1. Terrazzo

It’s definitely not one of the cheaper options for a remodel, but there’s no discounting its appeal. Terrazzo looks great in so many situations, and it’s very customizable: you can determine the “volume” and colors of the spackling in it to best match your kitchen. If it’s in your budget, definitely consider it for a backsplash or countertop.

2. European Style Cabinets

While shaker cabinets are timeless and we really can’t see them waning in popularity, there has been a serious rise in kitchen remodels taking a European approach. Frameless, flat-front cabinets can single handedly modernize your kitchen and give it a contemporary flavor. Depending on the other accessories in your kitchen, you can go with a variety of wood finishes or even reflective lacquer– they’re all deadly.European Frameless Cabinets textured

3. Smart Kitchens Design

Advancements in technology are changing everything about how we live our lives, and the kitchen is no exception. With the advent of tablets and smart phones, we gleefully cooked with the convenient assistance of recipes at the tips of our fingers. It appears that major appliance vendors are committed to making us feel like even that was a Stone Age tactic. New gadgets were announced at CES 2018 that will put your favorite recipes into your new stove top or fridge, accessible via voice commands. No more getting your phone covered in grease, friends. We’re living the good life.

Star Trek Quality Smart Kitchen Devices

4. Concealed Range Hoods

The law of inverse proportions has come to rear its ugly head at range hoods. For several years now, the craze has really revolved around IMMENSE range hoods looming over custom kitchens. We’re finding recently that less is more, with a huge variety of methods for partially or completely concealing range hoods.Concealed Range Hood in Kitchen Cabinets

5. Marble Surfaces

We believe that marble has always been waiting in the wings for its big trend. It’s not as though marble has seen scarcity up until now, but let’s face it: there are a lot of ways to do marble wrong. Marble that looks too busy with significant veining is just a visual mess and becomes a detracting feature. Additionally, kitchens where two different marble sources are utilized for walls and countertops can be too jarring a visual transition. Done right, marble is an astonishing backdrop to your kitchen.

Marble Wall Kitchen With Black Fixtures

6. Banquette Seating

This profoundly 80’s trend is making a serious comeback with some fresh twists. When you think of banquette seating arrangements, you may only be able to conjure up very chintzy and dated imagery involving oak and cherry bench seating with your knees clipping the table. We’re seeing a wave of cool and modern approaches to seating for eat-in kitchens that make such excellent use of space it boggles the mind.Modern Banquette Seating

7. Concrete

Over the past several years, concrete has entered the scene as chic tearaway flooring then slowly made its ascent. We’re now seeing some really terrific uses of it for countertops as well as backsplashes and walls. What’s great is that the lighter the concrete used, it delivers more of an organic feel than the industrial sense of darker concrete. Use of dark concrete on floors then transitioning in color as you get to walls and counters is the way to go.

8. Black Fixtures

Let us state for the record, unequivocally and without reservation: We love black in the kitchen! It goes with everything, style or color theme. It’s amazing how it can look rustic and modern at the same time, with the added benefit that water spotting is nearly invisible on it. When you add just a few additional black “satellites” of color elsewhere, it creates a full dimension within the kitchen.Black Fixtures in White Kitchen

9. Square Tiles

Affordable, plentiful, and insanely easy to install: square tiles are in and we couldn’t be happier. For the longest time kitchens didn’t have the right accessories to really make sense of square tiles; the tile work ended up looking somewhat antiseptic. But with new softer colors and more options to transition, square tile can look great.Square Tile Backsplash in Kitchen

10. Built-in Sinks

The real beauty of the built-in sink trend is in its very seamless and organic visual. The transition from countertop to sink looks exceptionally clean– like a kitchen should. It sends a compelling message about the permanence and planned nature of your kitchen that we can’t take our eyes off of. While many built-in sinks are not an incredibly affordable option, we found it worthy of mention.Built-in Sink Island

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