Donate Your Old Kitchen Cabinets During Your Remodel


Donate Your Old Kitchen Cabinets During Your Remodel

Habitat for Humanity Accepts Old Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles for Tax Relief

Sticking to your budget during a kitchen remodel can feel very tough. More options for redesigns are available now than ever, and the cost of your new kitchen or bathroom can easily rise in the planning stage alone. You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to quality in most areas of your plans, but that means some difficult work of finding ways to keep your budget in check. At Cabinet City, we’re no strangers to working with customers to find the right balance between quality and cost-effective options at our Los Angeles-based cabinet warehouse. We’re pleased to share another great way to ease the cost of your kitchen remodel: donating your old cabinets to an amazing local cause!habitat-for-humanity-logo

You can donate your old cabinets to Habitat for Humanity today for a possibly big deduction on your tax bill. Put away those sledgehammers and start thinking about how best to safely remove your previous cabinetry while limiting any damage to them in the process. The savings you see in the coming tax year could seriously offset your home improvement costs (while you improve the value of your home).

Habitat for Humanity: Building a Greater Los Angeles


Habitat for Humanity in Greater Los Angeles has at its core a noble aim: strengthening low-income communities. Investing millions and donated items such as yours has allowed Habitat LA to improve areas impacted by overcrowding, crime, and unemployment. In 2009 alone they created 69 new homeownership situations, repaired 25 existing homes, as well as repairing community centers such as churches and markets.

Their present targets for neighborhood fix-up are the Washington Area Neighborhood in Long Beach as well as South LA. While they do receive and operate mostly off of direct donations, Habitat LA has branched out to receiving donated furniture and accessories which assist in remodels for their target areas. They do this through several locations in LA that operate as both donation centers and stores.

habitat-for-humanity-greater-los-angeles-restoreReStore® from Habitat LA

A social enterprise under the umbrella of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA), ReStore is intended as a source of funding for their community programs. It not only supplies direct funds through in-store purchases but also a ready supply of building materials for home renovations.

Money raised through Habitat for Humanity’s new ReStore locations feeds directly into their target neighborhood fix-up efforts just like normal donations. They sell donated items much like a GoodWill thrift store, turning over inventory as often as 14 times in a year. Around 60% of their stock comes from homeowners performing Los Angeles kitchen remodeling or another home improvement.

Some cool facts about ReStore:

  • Their locations are open to the general public, often with big discounts on common home improvement items.
  • Your donated goods are re-sold so that Habitat LA can invest in new home appliances and goods for their target homes and families.
  • Over the past 14 years, Habitat LA ReStores have been responsible for over 8 million pounds of goods which would have ended up in LA landfills being used for new and remodeled homes instead.

The ReStore locations also provide some extra benefits to the city. Many of their paid employees are those who have benefited from Habitat LA’s Habitat building projects for new homeowners. Individuals performing community service in Los Angeles can also volunteer at ReStore to fill their needed hours. Some of these volunteers have even been hired on to permanent positions after completing their community service.


If you are interested in donating items to ReStore but concerned about your ability to get your old cabinets to them, don’t worry. You can easily schedule a donation pick-up online. If you have a larger amount of construction materials and items you want to make sure get invoiced, you may want to speak with one of their donations coordinators first by calling (424) 246-3637.

You should be aware that like any thrift store-type operation, ReStore cannot accept every item you may wish to donate. They are not equipped to remove anything in your home that isn’t free-standing, for example. Think of items that they would be able to get onto their sales floor quickly and with minimal cleaning required. They do specify that home pick-ups will depend on the location and size of items—they would prefer that anything which could fit into your car be brought in instead. Bear in mind that they don’t accept built-in, backless cabinet units.

Happy remodeling and we hope that this information helps you save big on your new modern kitchen cabinets!

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