Shiplap is Shipshape


Shiplap is Shipshape

It’s the wood paneling that’s making a splash!

In the construction of residences, barns, sheds and other structures, shiplap is often used as exterior siding. It’s a wooden board milled with a halved groove that results in a unique reveal line. And although it is most commonly associated with the outside of a home, it has been achieving great popularity on the inside, as decorative interior paneling. In fact, it’s been put to use in a variety of ways few would have suspected just years ago. Yet there it is, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

It’s not something you need to fill the entire room with necessarily. Use it first on a single wall, like where the bed headboards meet. According to the that might be the perfect complement – the creation of an attractive contrast. Or you can use the shiplap accent on the first wall you see as you enter the bedroom, for a bit of delightful deception. Or more obviously, simply put it on the space that you want to create the most attention for. To further improve your bedroom, you may consider replacing the bed. Look at an online catalog to browse now for a bed that suits your needs.


The secondary entry to a home, often known as “the mudroom”, is where we remove additional outer clothing such as boots and winter ware. It is another prime candidate for a shiplap modification. Just because it’s a transitional space doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of style. After all, it sees much activity. Shiplap walls designed around mudroom cubby holes create a fantastic look.

What could make a nook even more charming? It’s already bright and attractive. Even if the nook was the only area of the home to feature shiplap, it could have big results. It could serve to make the small social area even more inviting. If it was adjacent to walls that also had shiplap it would make for a pleasingly consistent visual.

With the constant niche popularity of farmhouse style kitchens, a shiplaps application is practically a given. It contributes to the warm and cheerful atmosphere inherent to such a design. Attach the shiplap to the walls to create a rustic natural environment for a room in which so much work is done. Apply the perfect finish and cleaning the shiplap is a cinch.

And since the laundromat is practically synonymous with the word, “plain”, why not liven it up a bit? You’d be surprised what a difference a cheery colored shiplap can do to transform the room. Or just go with a bright white for a vintage industrial look and incorporate wall shelves for practicality.



You may even choose to be creative in the installation of shiplap by having it cover only part of the wall. It can have a profound aesthetic appeal by contrasting with a smart choice of wallpaper on the exposed portion side. By now, you may recognize that you can also use shiplap anywhere you would use breadboard wainscoting; such is in a hallway or dining room.

An often overlooked and yet entirely appropriate area for the paneling is the basement. The basement renovation company made it look good. It helps make the usually dark space feel just as cozy as the rest of the home. Plenty of light and bright white shiplap never fail to create an appealing spot for all to enjoy.

Incorporating shiplap into various areas of your home can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal, especially when used creatively. To ensure the best results, it’s important that the underlying walls are in excellent condition before installation. This is where Minneapolis drywall repair services can play a crucial role. They can address any imperfections or damage in the drywall, providing a smooth, even surface that allows the shiplap to be applied seamlessly. This meticulous preparation ensures that the paneling not only looks great but also adheres properly, enhancing the overall durability and finish of the installation.

Only your imagination can limit what you can do with shiplap. Use around a fireplace and mantel, on the ceiling (particularly tasteful for the attic) and be daring with the colors – you’re not limited to anything. Find a good corresponding color for the trim and you’ll create a unique visual dynamic that is vibrant, elegant and ultra-modern.

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