Move Over White: Taupe Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Are In


Move Over White: Taupe Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Are In

For Taupe Kitchen Cabinets, It Doesn’t Get Better Than White Backsplash Ideas


While white shaker kitchen cabinets can serve to strike a tone of contrast with countless backsplash ideas, taupe cabinets offer an altogether different set of advantages. Taupe and its spectrum of variants serve as an ideal neutral tone to blend virtually any color combinations you can conceive of.


In addition to providing an excellent transition piece between disparate color splashes in your kitchen, taupe also functions as a terrific foundation tone. New inspiration can spring forth in every direction from taupe, whether you strive for a traditional or ultramodern cook space. In a kitchen with multiple entrances, taupe can span into tranquil neutrals in one direction while launching an explosion of exciting color in the other. The choice is yours.

With all of that said, the backsplash of your countertops is a great place to start your transition slowly. Moderation can make a more profound statement that close to your cabinets, and sticking closer to white and off-white options tends to deliver a sophisticated look you’ll love.




Backsplash Colors & Materials for Taupe Cabinets

Whether you lean toward opulence or a rustic pastiche in your kitchen design ideals, there are terrific white backsplash ideas available. Because taupe helps to transcend and bridge the gap beyond the base cabinet aesthetic, you can even consider mixing old and new styles with it. Can you tell we have a minor crush on this color?

White Marble Backsplash

The white marble backsplash provides such a perfect backdrop to pleasing taupe. Veins of darker color ease even the minor transition from taupe to white making them an excellent pairing. Classic shaker cabinets in taupe are embellished well by the similarly timeless appeal of marble.

Rustic Tile & Brick

Conversely, brick and more organic tiles have become commonplace facets of modern style in recent years. Whether you’re installing flat panel or shaker style taupe cabinets, these materials work wonders as backsplashes interestingly enough.

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