5 Design Tricks for Planning a Full Bathroom Remodel: Part 3

5 Design Tricks for Planning a Full Bathroom Remodel: Part 3

Finer Details on Completing Your Project

If you are just joining us in this article series, don’t miss our previous two entries (part one and part two) where we discussed tips for the initial planning stage and practical tips for your project. Detailed planning with an informed eye can greatly enhance your final bathroom, and we want you to love how your project turns out. In this final installation we will cover 5 design tricks for getting the most out of small aspects of your remodeling. Let’s jump right in!

Our 5 tips on the getting the most out of finer detail in your project include:

  • Check Your Tile Size, Then Check It Again
  • Consider a Shower Conversion
  • DIY Toilet Installation
  • Have an Exit Strategy for Moisture
  • Stay Mindful of Where Your Tile Meets Your Home

1. Check Your Tile Size, Then Check It Again

Imagine this: You or your contractor meticulously measure your bathroom space. With confidence, you purchase exactly how much tile you require for all of your new surfaces. Work begins on your project, and suddenly you discover that every single one of your tiles is slightly smaller than expected. Disaster! Many homeowners who don’t double check the millimeter length can overlook the fact that some tile size accounts for a grout joint, making a 12” tile actually 11⅜”. Now you are faced with an issue of addressing the layout of your tiles, where they meet plumbing, as well as niches on surfaces.

2. Consider a Shower Conversion

Whether or not space in your bathroom is at a premium, the fact of the matter remains that if you don’t take baths you are losing a great deal of usable area. The 5-foot by 2 ½-foot area of your existing tub could be converted into a half- or full-size shower to increase the function of the space and give you more room to play with your project. There are multiple arguments on why showering may be better than bathing.

3. DIY Toilet Installation

Installing your own toilet can save you a good chunk of your budget to assign elsewhere in your remodel project. Depending on the value of toilet, getting the job done personally may pay for itself relative to labor costs. Hooking up your own brand new toilet is not as difficult as it may sound, and can take as little as an hour with the right tools and know-how. Beyond the cost of your toilet, the materials for an installation you perform could run you as little as $15. You really only need the toilet with tank, phillips and flathead screwdrivers, crescent wrench, channel lock pliers, a wax ring with bolts, bathroom/kitchen caulking, toilet shims, and a braided toilet connector.

4. Have an Exit Strategy for Moisture

Moisture collection points are the ancient enemy of cleanly homeowners. While ensuring that your grout is easily cleaned to avoid mildew, this is only one part of the solution. An ideal setup after your bathroom remodel will include good ventilation to an exterior. Some homeowners have made the mistake of setting up a ventilation fan which simply carries moisture into an attic or other region of the home, leading to potential mold build-up elsewhere. We recommend planning for a vent fan which leads directly outside as well as a functional window.

5. Stay Mindful of Where Your Tile Meets Your Home

The chance is very good that your bathroom tile doesn’t continue into an exterior hallway or your bedroom. When approaching your bathroom remodel, consider both the practical and aesthetic nature of how your new tile will transition to your other flooring. Stubbed toes, moisture collection, and jarring visual changes are just a few of the issues you want to avoid. We recommend laying some potential tile or samples down to investigate the look before making any purchases.

In Conclusion

That wraps it up! If you followed along with all of your design tricks, you should have a few more ideas about how to get your project done to total satisfaction. Your bathroom remodeling should be fun and rewarding, and getting your planning done right will let you enjoy the process far more.

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