3 Blue Kitchen Backsplashes You’ll Love


3 Blue Kitchen Backsplashes You’ll Love

A New Exceptional White Kitchen Cabinet Idea: 3 Blue Backsplashes

Playing around with color is one of the best ways to add vibrance to your amazing new kitchen with white cabinets. A colorful backsplash can add a real pop to an otherwise somewhat neutral kitchen space, or contribute further to an existing bold look with little work. Whether you’ve got a rustic traditional kitchen with shakers or a modern and chic cooking area, blue backsplashes do the trick with some tweaks in style.

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Small Accent Blue Kitchen Backsplash

Sometimes the greatest explosion of life in a kitchen can come from the tiniest splashes. This kitchen struts its stuff with a relatively minute backsplash on its satellite countertop: wow! It looks phenomenal beside all of the white, with the beautiful rustic wood island countertop. With those great white cabinets, the overall sensible appeal is just right.

Smaller blue subway tile backsplash makes a bigger pop from a tight space


Smaller blue subway tile backsplash makes a bigger pop from a tight space

Aqua Tile Kitchen Backsplash

In March we talked about kitchen backsplash ideas for flat European cabinets with a great example from our wholesale cabinet showroom in San Gabriel. Colorful glass tiles available at a Tile Sales center look absolutely amazing alongside modern white cabinets, and a chic modern style matches flat panel cabinets perfectly.


Aqua tiles provide more of a transitional appearance

Blue Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash & Wall

Inset white cabinets can be a tricky aesthetic to match. We like subway style tiles for them, as they nicely contribute to a sense of tight conformity within the kitchen. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” is the name of the game here, with clean lines and angles.


Inset white cabinets look great with blue subway tiles

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Blue Beyond the Backsplash

Your splash of color doesn’t have to be confined to the backsplash alone. Many homeowners and kitchen remodelers have found amazing ways to jazz up their kitchens with cool new countertops or islands:


Blue countertops shared with the island add a layer of cohesion that looks terrific


Blue kitchen island with white cabinets and white subway tile backsplash

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Make a Splash for Your White Cabinets

Going with a nice blue tile backsplash can cost a little more but add a significantly greater contribution to the look of the space. Do you already have a great blue backsplash in mind and need to lock down the perfect white cabinets to go along with it? Check out our amazing white shaker cabinets online today.

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