The Top 10 Advantages of Buying Your Kitchen Cabinets from A Local Store

The Top 10 Advantages of Buying Your Kitchen Cabinets from A Local Store

With the convenience of online shopping everywhere, we can get clothes, computers and even groceries without leaving the house. The temptation may be similar when buying improvements for the home because it guarantees that we have total control.

However, even with photos, measurements and reviews, additional information and having the cabinet in front of you are needed.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 advantages of buying a store from a cabinet company with a showroom rather than from a website:

Showrooms allow you to interact with a product

There is no reassurance as being able to interact with the cabinets yourself. You are spending and investing money into this. Online shopping is fine for a throw pillow, but you’re going to have to live with this every day. You wouldn’t buy a car online without checking it out, why would you do that for a cabinet? Especially something expected to be a permanent part of your home for many years?

While online, you can only see how the cabinet looks but having it present works on your other senses. Images online can hide some of the smaller details that aren’t apparent in the picture. You can hear how soft a door closes when a soft-close mechanism is activated. The natural wood interior has a certain smell. But the best sense is touch, feeling the drawers open and shut and the smoothness of the painted cabinet surface.

Online shopping isn’t necessarily cheaper

While online stores say you save money because online stores do not charge overhead, there are a few problems with this:

  1. It’s not unusual for online stores to incorporate shipping charges into their products, especially if they offer free shipping. Particularly, shipping varies due to transport distance with the size and weight of the product.
  2. If they have a warehouse, there is still overhead to stock inventory, even if there isn’t a traditional storefront.
  3. If they DON’T have a warehouse, then they are using drop shipping to send orders to other warehouses. If these products are shipped remotely, they won’t likely have familiar or intimate knowledge with these cabinets.

Associates are there to help, not hassle

This is a huge complaint with other big-ticket items like cars or timeshares, so I understand this fear. However, most companies and their associates WANT you to pick the perfect cabinet for your kitchen and this takes time. Buying and designing a kitchen is expected to have multiple revisions as you learn about the specifics of your space. The alternative is dissatisfaction with your cabinets and having to do an expensive remodel from a rushed decision. This becomes associated with bad experiences and results in recommendations against the company.

Options are not hidden charges

As for pricing, any custom work always has an optional cost. However, these are options and most customers would rather know these so they can make well thought out choices. This is better than regretting missing these other choices that fit closer to the client’s design preference. Reputable companies will not “hide” these costs and will be upfront about what can fit into a client’s budget.

The store’s knowledge about cabinets is invaluable

If you go to a local cabinet showroom, you’ll deal with knowledgeable associates whose job it is to know cabinets. They can go over your specific needs and wishes and help you with getting the right choice.

Associates will have worked with the merchandise enough to know the lingo of what a particular style is called. For example, someone can be talking about wanting a Shaker-style cabinet but are referring to a Country-style cabinet instead. Or associates can explain the difference among a matte, satin or glossy finish on their cabinet painted surfaces.

Associates are also aware of any modifications you may need for specific appliances when incorporating them in your space. Avoiding problems by addressing abnormalities with recommended adjustments will save you a headache in the long run.

Need someone to install? They can help with that

Cabinet companies are going to know professionals that can handle measurements and installations if you don’t have a general contractor. Usually, these service technicians developed a relationship with the local company, including giving feedback on popular styles and any issues. Good companies will take that feedback from the field installations and improve their products.

Local companies can recommend the best people based on their installation experience. Their reviews are based on comparing several installers and can, therefore, recommend consistent good work.

Need a countertop to go with those cabinets?

Cabinet companies sometimes have connections and relationships with other kitchen industry companies and make their products compatible. Sometimes, you will be able to take advantage of deals or discounts that come with promoting each other. This is not something that is often found with online companies that handle only sales rather than product affinity.

In this case, you will be able to compare which countertops will go best with your island counter. Having companies also aware of synergizing or matching patterns for backsplashes and flooring opens up new possibilities in decor!

Kitchen design services may be available

As an additional reason to visit showrooms, they may offer design services to sure your cabinets work in your space. Usually, this is not just the cabinets themselves, but the whole function of the kitchen.

Be aware that it’s bad form to get the design service from a company then use it to shop elsewhere. It also may not necessarily work; design services are usually based on their own product and stock availability. Sometimes, design services will be credited toward the purchase of a cabinet as a way to conflate that cost.

Online reviews can be faked

Customer website reviews usually reinforce wanting to buy from the shop or calm any qualms of purchasing online. While some of the reviews may legitimately come from real customers, they are likely to omit very unflattering evaluations.

It’s important to take a critical eye to these reviews. Two or three new reviews on a cabinet or the store in a short time are not unusual. Yet five of them in a day when cabinets are a higher tier priced item is not logical.

The most helpful reviews will have commenters detailing the experience rather than give vague praise. Peer-reviewed sites like Yelp and Foursquare can offer a more well-rounded view of a company’s product and service quality.

Easier to replace, exchange or return products

Sometimes the cabinets do not feel like they are a good fit for you. It is much easier to replace, exchange or return a product when you can go to a physical store. Having to send back cabinets to an online store is going to require far more involvement. Even worse, the time between the return and the second delivery for exchanges is going to impact your remodeling schedule.

The Cabinet City Kitchen and Bath showroom is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Let us be your 11th advantage in getting the perfect cabinets for your home!

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